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Dive into diverse cultures through immersive VR experiences.

What is Embrace VR?

Cultural Exchange VR is a groundbreaking platform designed to bring the world closer by offering immersive cultural experiences right at your fingertips.

The Challenge

Traveling to experience different cultures is enriching but often expensive and logistically challenging. Moreover, some cultural events and ceremonies are exclusive and hard to access.

Our Solution

With Embrace VR, you don’t need to travel thousands of miles or spend a fortune to immerse yourself in global cultures. Our platform enables you to capture, share, and virtually experience 3D scenes of cultural events, traditions, and day-to-day life from around the world.

Why It's Important

Understanding diverse cultures fosters empathy, broadens your perspective, and enriches your life. It’s also an invaluable resource for educational institutions looking to offer more comprehensive cultural exchange programs.

How it Works

Mobile App for Recording

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Support for video capture
  • Instant upload to the cloud
  • Fast feedback about video quality for 3D Scene conversion
  • Compatible with many Smartphones

Transformation Service

  • Latest Artificial Intelligence Models
  • Converts your 2D Video into an immersive 3D Scene
  • High fidelity and detail
  • Floor identification
  • Spawn location identification

VR App

  • Compatible with most VR headsets
  • Shared expereience with up to four Virtual Reality Users
  • Immersive experience with intuitive controls

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